4am thoughts?

Does anyone else feel like they come up with the best shit to say when it’s the middle of the night & no one is awake but you & your thoughts? I literally stay exhausted but can never sleep when I need to. It’s 3:48am right now, i’ve been awake for about an hour & who knows how long I will end up being awake. However, come 7am when Michaels alarm goes off for work, i’ll be up for the day. πŸ™ƒπŸ‘πŸ½ So you wanna know what my 4am thoughts are this morning?

Let’s talk about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding in public to be more specific.

I came across an article that I believe is a year or two old about a woman openly breastfeeding in a line at Disneyland. I remember thinking the first time I ever heard about it, (this was before I breastfed or knew the benefits of breast milk) “Well of course she needs to cover up! I’m all for breastfeeding but everyone should use a cover!” HAHAHA! That’s a good one, right? Well I came across the article again this morning and my outlook this time was completely different. To the moms who do cover up in public, YOU ROCK! I can not and will not cover up. Anywhere. In the beginning I did because I was new to it, Jaxon was new to it, and I just wasn’t comfortable yet. But after about a month or so Jaxon would refuse to eat if covered up. We had gotten down his latch so I started giving it a go in public and it worked for us! Okay, now back to this article.. So I’m reading it and it appears that the husband was in line with the kids while mom sat nearby feeding her 10 month old baby. Mom was proud and wanted a picture so she stood up, got in line with her family and had her husband take a picture of her breastfeeding her child. Y’ALL. The comments below this article are nauseating. I’m going to share a few below. *Fair warning, some have bad language.*

This is bullshit.. YES breastfeeding is best for your baby BUT my 15 year old son does NOT need to see your engorged boobs. Damn, what the hell has happened to discretion?”

OK SUSAN. Is that a joke? Maybe instead of parents teaching children that breasts are for men, they should teach breasts are for nourishing. As a breastfeeding mom, when my child is hungry and wants to eat, your 15 year old son isn’t on my list of priorities. Get over it.

“As a woman I am disgusted by her disrespect for everyone, especially children around her. She could have easily put a blanket over her shoulder and no one would have been offended. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well to me this picture says i’m going to do what I want and screw you all. Trash plain and simple.”

AND THAT COMMENT WAS FROM A WOMAN! I am baffled at the lack of support women give breastfeeding women! When it’s 90Β° outside do you want a hot blanket over your face while you try to eat? Regardless of if it’s hot or not! No one wants to eat covered up. πŸ™„

“The child is too old to be breastfeeding. Looking for attention. She better be glad my child wasn’t near her.”

Oh really, Benjamin? Or what? What exactly are you going to do to a mother who is feeding her child? I would be absolutely embarrassed to have a child with someone who thinks like that. Not to mention it’s recommended that children have breastmilk til the age of 2! Regardless babies aren’t to have anything other than formula or breastmilk and the child was 10 months.

“I’m 72 and have better looking breasts than she has. If you are putting them on display for everyone to see, shouldn’t the be attractive?”

To be honest y’all, I responded to this comment and I was really ugly. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ So not only is it not okay to feed your child in public but it’s also not okay to do it unless your breasts are attractive??? What even?! πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Brinley was only breastfed for the first month but I had supplemented with formula from the beginning. I was young (19) and I didn’t know how good breastmilk truly is for babies and toddlers! I was very uneducated and didn’t see the big fad in the whole “breast is best.” And to top it off my milk never fully came in. I could share comments from that thread all day long. There were too many to count and they were all just as mean and heartbreaking. Look, I don’t just whip my whole boob + nipple out in the middle of a crowd but I do carefully lift my shirt up just enough for Jaxon to eat and you normally can’t see anything except maybe my side! Nor do I also encourage other women to just pull their shirt up and whip it all out but I do encourage uncovered, smooth feedings in public. I do know in this article the woman was wearing a tank top so when she had to use one side to feed her child, obviously her chest was showing but it already was because it’s a tank top!! When you’re at an amusement park and it’s scorching hot, you don’t want to be in 2 shirts or covering your baby up. Society has portrayed breasts as only a sexual body part when in reality they were placed on our bodies to nourish our children. I am so thankful that I am now educated when it comes to breastfeeding + breast milk. It really is the best for babies. It has all of the vitamins, nutrients, antibodies, etc that babies need to survive. Please start encouraging more women to breastfeed and not feel ashamed. It’s bad enough our president was trying to remove promotion for breastmilk and only promote formula. We need to stick together and know that we have an army behind us!

*I am in no way, shape, or form shaming formula. My first born was formula fed. Just trying to bring awareness to how bad women really are shamed daily for breastfeeding.*


Mother’s day must haves

I’ve come up with my top 5 Mother’s day gifts! Check them out below.

1. Soufeel Jewelry

You can get pretty much any customized piece of jewelry you can think of! I chose a photo heart necklace of my babies!

You can check them out here! https://foursixty.com/SoufeelJewelry/

2. One Hope Wine

If your mom loves to drink wine then this is for you! Each wine is carefully aged just right. A portion of their proceeds go to different causes depending on the bottle chosen!

You can check them out here! https://www.onehopewine.com

3. Mantra Band

I LOVE mine. They are so perfect and describe me as a person. They have tons of sayings you can choose from as well as creating your own. They also come in 3 different colors. Silver, rose gold and gold!

You can check them out here! https://www.mantraband.com/

4. Pinrose Scents

I just received mine yesterday and I love it. It’s got a fresh smell of spring and flowers compacted into one bottle. The company is vegan, cruelty, + paraban free. These days it’s hard to find a perfume not tested on animals. They have many different scents to choose from so you’ll be sure to pick the right one!

You can check them out here! https://pinrose.com

Don’t forget to spoil your mom this Mother’s Day! Without them we wouldn’t be here. 🌸

potty training 101

Well folks, I think Brinley is OFFICIALLY day time potty trained. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take being as though Brinley is SO STUBBORN! Smart, but stubborn. I realized the other week that her size 6 diapers weren’t fitting anymore. That was IT! I told her it was time to be a big girl and wear panties.

The first day she had a few accidents but I figured that much. Every 15-20 minutes I would just ask if she needed to go potty. After a day or so she got to the point where she would feel the sensation starting to come, would stop what she’s doing and run for the bathroom.

We went three days with no accidents. HALLELUJAH! Just in time for her third birthday! I don’t have very many potty training tips but I will share the ones I do have below.

1. Skip pull ups. They are nothing but a waste of money and feel almost exactly like a diaper. You will get NO WHERE with them. Go straight to underwear.

2. Constantly asking them is key, every 15-20 minutes. Help them learn the sensation they will feel to know they need to go.

3. Hype them the hell up! Every time they go you better dance and clap like you just won the lottery. They will love the attention and it will push them to do it more.

We do pull ups at night because let’s face it, learning to control your bladder at night while asleep is a whole new ball game. We did let her sleep in panties one night and she didn’t have an accident but she definitely isn’t night potty trained yet. She still has the occasional accident when she’s running to the potty which I knew was going to happen but it’s safe to say that she is DAYTIME POTTY TRAINED! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Life with two so far

Man oh man…

People used to tell me how adjusting to two kids was pretty hard but I don’t think anyone truly understands how hard it actually is until you experience it for yourself.

Let’s just say that my laundry is still backed up, dishes get done maybe once or twice a week, not to mention we’ve been trying to live off of paper products because hey, less dishes, right? My living room is covered in clean laundry that hasn’t been put away, toys that Brinley drags out every single day and i’m pretty sure there’s playdoh that’s been stuck to the wall for about a week. Oh and to be honest, my freaking hospital bag is still packed in the corner of the living room because i’ve yet to unpack that too.

Showers are hard to come by as well and when they do come by, I get about five lovely minutes to enjoy it. Brinleys room has toys ALL over the place. Looks like a tornado from toys r us went through there. We’ve pretty much eaten pizza and fast food every day because what’s cooking a meal anymore?

Postpartum Depression has been slowly knocking at my door but i’ve been doing everything in my power to keep it away because it’s definitely not welcomed in my home. So far so good with that.

As far as Brinley.. She’s been tough. Adjusting to having a baby that gets our attention with every sound he makes has been hard for her. Bed time is almost non existent anymore, all she wants to do is snack vs eating a real meal, she cries over every single little thing, her sassy mouth has only gotten more sassy, the list could go on and on. However she does love her baby brother. She always tells her she loves him, when we pick her up from daycare she always tells him “I’m back baby Jax!” She also has to inform us whenever he’s crying and tries to tell him it’s okay.

Life with two has been hard. It’s been hard as shit. But I wouldn’t change it for the world and I couldn’t be more thankful for Michael and our families. They all help in any way they can at any moment.


Top 10 favorite must haves

I have gotten to try out quite a few awesome products over the last couple of months and decided to pick my favorites to share them with you!

1. Bella B Naturals

I cannot rave about these body care products enough! They are hypoallergenic, paraben free and made with natural and organic products. Their shampoo and conditioner combination make for super silky hair. Not to mention the smell is beautiful. Not too light not too strong. You can find them on Instagram @bellabnaturals

2. Covered Goods

This 4-in-1 cover has been such a life saver for me! It can be used as a car seat cover, nursing cover, scarf or even a cart cover! It’s super soft and super light. They have a ton of different prints to choose from and definitely have earned my 5 stars. You can find them on Instagram @coveredgoods

3. Babox Baby

I’m absolutely in love with this baby box from Babox Baby!! It came with a personalized onesie, an arrow swaddle blanket, lavender essential oil roll, a bib and a pair of adorable moccasins. If you know someone who’s having a baby soon you can order one of these and have it shipped straight to their door! So convenient! You can find them on Instagram @baboxbaby

4. Lil Be Shop

This blanket fits perfectly with our tribal theme for Jaxon. Each blanket has a design on one side and a soft fuzzy side on the other. It’s so cute and we love the many different designs they give you to choose from! You can find them on Instagram @lilbeshop

5. Knots Baby

These little hats from Knots Baby are the softest hats i’ve ever felt! They are so soft and smooth and fit perfectly on Jaxons head. They have many different colors and stitch designs to choose from. You can find them on Instagram @knotsbaby

6. Milk Snob

Now THIS has been a life saver. I will forever recommend this wrap to any and everyone. The material is super soft and easy for babies to breathe in! Once you get the hang of how to wrap it, you can wrap yourself and baby in less than 2 minutes. It’s snug and always feels secure. You can find them on Instagram @milksnob

7. Jennifer Ann Style

This personalized blanket is one of my favorite blankets EVER! Seriously the material is a silky smooth feeling. It’s a big blanket which I love and was sewn very well! If you’re looking for a personalized blanket you can find this company on Instagram @jenniferannstyle

8. Flutter Nursing Clip

This little thing is amazing! Not only does it look so cute as a bracelet but it’s actually a nursing clip! It snaps right around my shirt to hold it up so there’s no hassle during nursing! Not to mention I was fortunate enough to have not only Jaxons birth stone on it but Brinleys as well. You can find them on Instagram @flutternursingclip

9. Our Little Dreams Chicago

This may look like an ordinary burp cloth but I can promise you it is NOT! This burp cloth is so smooth I could sleep on it. They have tons of different colors to choose from as well as other products that are just as soft! I’m addicted to this burp cloth! You can find them on Instagram @ourlittledreamschicago

10. Bump Boxes

If you’ve never heard of Bump Boxes you need to check them out! How awesome is this little box I got shipped right to my door?! It’s got a little toy for Jaxon along with a book and soothing sounds machine. For me it has a head piece to you know help with my mom bun look πŸ˜‰ along with some bath soak to relax and some calming tea for myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better box! You can find them on Instagram @bumpboxes

All of these products got a 10 out of 10 on my rating scale and I would highly suggest any of these brands and products so don’t forget to check them out!


Tiffany ❀️

Jaxon Michael Burton

I have finally found some down time to go ahead and write out my birth story! On Friday February 2nd we had to be at the hospital by noon so we woke up, got ready, did one last bag check and headed to the hospital. My c section was schedule for 2pm but little did we know it wouldn’t be that soon.

We arrived at the hospital and they immediately started prepping me with paperwork and physically getting me ready. I was prepped and ready to go by about 1:30 and was told we were just waiting on the anesthesiologist to come in and prep me. He was running behind and didn’t get to my room until about 2:30. He explained everything they were going to do and had me sign some papers. No sooner than I could get my signature down my doctor comes in to inform me they will be pushing my c section back due to someone who needed to go into the operating room for an emergency c section. I’ll be honest. I was PISSED. I’ve been that emergency c section before so I tried to keep in mind that I am as healthy as I need to be but that mom and baby may not be. I cried and threw a fit because i was so hungry and ready to meet my baby.

Around 5pm the nurses told me it was almost time. We waited and waited some more and finally about 6pm they came in to get me! I walked myself to the OR which was just as bright and intimidating as I remember it being from before. They placed me on the table sitting up, legs off to prep me for my spinal. Some of you know with my daughter Brinley none of the epidurals worked so this time they went with a spinal that was much easier and they knew it would work. I won’t lie, it was pretty uncomfortable. I wasn’t nervous about a single thing EXCEPT for the spinal. That took about 5 minutes (seemed like forever to me) and once they finished I was put onto my back where my stomach down was starting to go numb. Within 5 minutes I was completely ready to be cut open.

I’ll tell you what… I didn’t feel any “pain” but man oh man did I feel every ounce of pressure. I was nauseous the entire time so the anesthesiologist had to pump me with anti nausea meds about every 5 minutes. Finally Michael was let into the room to which he immediately came by my side to hold my hand. The next 20 minutes or so which felt like forever finally came to an end when I heard Michael say “he’s out, he’s out!”

Sure enough I heard his little cry and was overcome with emotion. I had done it. I DID IT! I successfully had my c section awake which was my first goal to accomplish. Michael left my side only long enough to cut Jaxons cord then he returned back by my side. The nurse brought Jaxon over for immediate skin to skin which was on my birth plan and it was the most amazing moment ever.

Welcome to the world Jaxon Michael Burton born at 6:37pm. 8lbs 21in of pure perfection.

6 days away

Well folks, we are officially 6 days away from the birth of our son! Hospital bags are packed and ready to go! What an overwhelming feeling it is to be so close to having baby #2. I think I worry most about our (almost) 3 year old adapting to having a new little person to share her shine with. Did anyone else struggle with this? I have no doubt she will be helpful and hands on but can’t help but think about how devastated she will be not being an only child anymore.

I also find myself struggling with “how does my heart have room to love another child the way I love my first?” Awful, right? But it’s the truth! My sweet girl has been my princess for almost 3 whole years! I have been reassured that my heart will be open for more love and I will feel complete, so i’m holding onto that. So raise your *mom* mosas for a cheers to this last week of me being a mom to one!

Beginning our baby registry.

babiesWell, we have officially started our baby registry for Baby Burton even though we don’t know the gender. Never too early to start shopping for baby though, right? We mostly took care of the basics.. car seat, stroller, diapers, wipes, etc.Β 

In less than a month we will know if our sweet bundle of joy will be a bouncing baby boy or glamorous little girl. It’s still so crazy to me that we put a DOUBLE stroller on our registry.. That’s right a double stroller. What have we gotten ourselves into?! Even though I’ve done this once before I feel as though I’m drawing a blank on things to add to our registry. Creating a registry definitely takes time and patience. So many little necessities that you have to carefully scan the store for.

We will go back to finish our registry up in another month after we have our reveal party, which BTW, I am so stoked about already! There will be a blog and pictures to come for that of course, so hang tight!